Speech laughter and its effect society

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A speech about Laughter and its effect on society Essay Sample

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Its history dates back to before Christ, but recent studies like the healing techniques conducted by Norman Cousins has given the medical world the most information in recent years.

Many new methods of laughter therapy have been invented including the ever popular laughter yoga 67%(3). Laughter offsets the impact of mental stress, which is harmful to the heart.

Humour is an essential part of psychotherapy treatment given to heart patients. Humour is an essential part of psychotherapy treatment given to heart patients. Speech on Laughter the Best Medicine. My dear friends, Yes, such laughter can have echoes of heaven in it too.

As Corrie ten Boom pointed out, Sadly, anxiety and worry, depression and loneliness are ills of modern society that prevent people from laughing out loud. It is in this context that laughter is understood to be the best. Jan 16,  · History. Using humor to decrease stress, diminish pain, improve quality of life and even attempt to improve immune functioning has recently become a popular topic in the lay and professional literature (1–4).Laughter in response to a humorous stimulus is a natural occurrence and does not require large amounts of time or money in order to implement.

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A speech about Laughter and its effect on society Essay Sample

A speech about Laughter and its effect Biologically, there is only one quality which distinguishes us from animals: the ability to laugh. In a universe which appears to be utterly empty of .

Speech laughter and its effect society
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