Silliman 111th founders week

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Silliman 111th Founders Week

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Silliman University

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111th Founders Day Calendar of Activities

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Citadel of Truth

Silliman th Founders WeekSILLIMAN UNIVERSITY th FOUNDERS/HIBALAG FESTIVAL Silliman University once again celebrate its th Founders Week since it was established way back August 28, This years celebration is empowered by the THEME: EMPOWER ME -- SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD a.

Silliman University (also referred to as Silliman or SU) is a private research university in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines. Founders Week is part of a two-week-long event conducted by the Silliman community to commemorate the founding of the university.

This event is held in the last week. Founders Week. Founders Week is part of a two-week-long event conducted by the Silliman community to commemorate the founding of the university. This event is held in the last week of August. "At Silliman's th birthday" Archived at the Wayback. Silliman University Knights Society.

K likes. Silliman University Knights (Chess Team) Society is a public page open to all Sillimanians especially.

The Teacher’s Night

The th Founders Day of Silliman University is a two-week long celebration not only for the students and the Alumni of this honorable educational institution in Dumaguete City, but also for the whole population of Dumaguete. (Speech delivered during the Eminent Persons Lecture on 24 August at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium, in celebration of Silliman University's th Founders Day.

[Photo source:].) I thank Silliman University through your President .

Silliman 111th founders week
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