Resources for business writing

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How to write better business stories

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Styles in Business Writing

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Sep 18,  · A business case provides justification for a proposed business change or plan, and typically outlines the allocation of capital and resources required to Views: K. 7 Quick Tips for Better Business Writing Want your words to wow?

Take this basic advice to write more effective emails, memos, and other professional materials. Jul 21,  · If you are writing to the human resources department at another business, you may need to use more formal language.

But if you are writing to a specific customer, you may use more informal or casual K. Business writing skills are some of the most important abilities you can learn in life. If you can write a clear, professional text, then you can save time, impress people, and be taken more seriously by your boss, colleagues, or people you want to be interviewed by.

In the meantime you can make use of some resources that are available to you and will help improve your business writing skills.

Business Writer's Free Library

WriteExpress In addition to publishing sample business letters, the WriteExpress website also has a large collection of tips and articles on the topic of business writing. How to Write a Business Letter - This 'how to' provides a quick step by step guide to writing a basic business letter.

Specific Business Letters Building on basic business letters, these business letters provide specific examples of letters written for common business writing tasks such as making an inquiry, sales letters, placing an order, etc.

Resources for business writing
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How to Write a Business Letter