Extemporaneous speech outline and speech


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How to Give an Extemporaneous Speech

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Impromptu Speech Topics

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113 Extemporaneous Speech Topics

GENERAL PURPOSE(METHOD OF PRESENTATION): to inform, to entertain, to demonstrate, to persuade by making in-roads, etc. Extemporaneous speaking, colloquially known as extemp, is a limited-preparation speech event based on research and original analysis. Extemporaneous speaking is a competitive speaking event in the United States in both high school and college forensics competition.

Extemporaneous speaking provides 30 minutes of preparation time, followed by a. Manor Road, Austin, TX Tel: () | Fax: () 4 Extemporaneous speech. Preparation is the key element in effective extemporaneous speech, whether it is a house-to-house presentation or a discourse from the platform.

If you are going to give a discourse extemporaneously, prepare a good outline with several main points to be developed. The best way to deal with extemporaneous speech topics is by use of an outline. If you have never worked from an outline before, you may want to do a little.

Extemporaneous and impromptu may both refer to speeches given without any preparation: an extemporaneous (impromptu) speech.

Extemporaneous may also refer to a speech given from notes or an outline: extemporaneous lectures.

Extemporaneous speech outline and speech
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