Entrepreneurs born or made

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These famous entrepreneurs earned each and every cent on their own. It took wise investments for some like Warren Buffett and the creation of a social networking website in the case of Mark abrasiverock.com of them had a dream and the belief in their dream.

Entrepreneurs, social psychologists and economic theorists have all speculated whether entrepreneurs are born or made -- in other words, whether you're predisposed to become an entrepreneur due to. If you think entrepreneurs are a different breed, you're half right.

Entrepreneurs are Born or Made ? Analysis & Opinions.

Myers-Briggs research reveals that ENTPs, ESTJs, ENTJs, INTJs, and ISTJs are more likely to have higher incomes and either be. By catering to an upscale clientele, the casino magnate has improved the image of casinos, gambling and everything associated with the industry.

James V. Koch is a board of visitors professor of economics and president emeritus at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va. He's also co-author with James L. Fisher of the book Born, Not Made: The Entrepreneurial Personality, which argues that many entrepreneurs are simply wired that way, giving them a natural advantage in the business world.

10 Qualities of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Julian Lange is a senior professor of .

Entrepreneurs born or made
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