Cpr persuasive speech

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to persuade my audience to take a class that will teach them cpr is a specific purpose statement for a persuasive speech on a question of. Demonstrative Speech on Cpr Essay.

Words Oct 4th, 4 Pages. Introduction Attention Getter: What if one of your friends just fell to the ground because they couldn’t breathe, would you know what to do, could you perform CPR if it was needed? It is said by the American Heart Association that sadly 70% of Americans do not know how to do.

HOSA Handbook Section B: The Ge neral Rules and Regulations for each of the events is located in this part of the Handbook. Be sure to read this in its entirety before you compete in any HOSA. CPR brings chances of survival from nearly 0% to 40% (Washington State Education CPR Fact Sheet) According to abrasiverock.com 70% of all cardiac and breathing emergencies occur in the home when a family member is present.

There are at least two key aspects to consider with regards to first aid and CPR training in your professional life. Cpr And First Aid Persuasive Speech. stakeholders, including patients and employees. In order to discover the strengths and weaknesses of first aid and CPR training in our office, a needs assessment was conducted during a period of several months prior to the development of this training program.

"To persuade my audience to take a class that will teach them CPR," is a specific purpose statement for a persuasive speech on a question of: policy Your textbook recommends _ as the most effective method of note taking for listening to a speech.

Cpr persuasive speech
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