An analysis of paleolithic artist

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Venus of Willendorf

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Art of the Upper Paleolithic

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An analysis of paleolithic artist

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The Meaning of European Upper Paleolithic Rock Art. What follows is a brief summary of some of the explanations that have been put forward to account for the meaning of European Upper Paleolithic rock art.

ANTHROPOLOGICAL STUDIES WORLDWIDE COMMONLY EMPHASIZE THE RELIGIOUS/SPIRITUAL ORIGIN OF ROCK ART. The Paleolithic or Old Stone Age originated around 30, BCE, lasting until 10, BCE, and is separated into three periods: the Lower Paleolithic (the earliest subdivision), Middle Paleolithic, and Upper Paleolithic.

15, BCE The cave art of Paleolithic man of Lascaux, France dates to this time. It contains some paintings, 1, engravings, and innumerable mysterious dots and geometric figures.

10, BCE The Paleolithic period comes to a close. The art of the Upper Paleolithic represents the oldest form of prehistoric art.

Figurative art is present in Europe as well as in Sulawesi, Indonesia, beginning at least 35, years ago. [1] Non-figurative cave paintings, consisting of hand stencils and simple geometric shapes, is at least 40, years old.

Art of the Upper Paleolithic

Paleolithic Art Paleolithic art, dating back to the late Paleolithic period 40, B.C. (the Stone Age), is one of the most beautiful, natural periods of cave art .

An analysis of paleolithic artist
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