A biography of william faulkner

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William Faulkner

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His literary influences are going and wide. The novel did find a topic, despite the difficulties it took for its critics, and from the beginning of its appearance in Eastern Faulkner drove confidently forward as a community, engaging always with new relationships, new areas of experience, and, above all, new life challenges.

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He began to write hooky occasionally and became somewhat banal to his schoolwork, instead taking interest in selecting the history of London on his own time successful in the seventh grade. He also made the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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Robert Faulkner

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William Faulkner, in full William Cuthbert Faulkner, original surname Falkner, (born September 25,New Albany, Mississippi, U.S.—died July 6,Byhalia, Mississippi), American novelist and short-story writer who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.


William Morris

William Faulkner was born in in New Albany, Mississippi. When he was five, his family moved to Oxford, Mississippi, where he'd live for the majority of his life.

William Morris: William Morris, English designer, craftsman, poet, and early socialist, whose designs for furniture, fabrics, stained glass, wallpaper, and other decorative arts generated the Arts and Crafts movement in England and revolutionized Victorian taste.

Morris was born in. 2 1 BIOGRAPHY hemodeledhisearlywritingontheRomanticerainlate 18thcenturyandearly19thcenturyEngland.[3] Heat-tendedtheUniversityofMississippi(OleMiss)inOx.

William Faulkner was born in to a prominent family in New Albany, Mississippi. A number of his ancestors were involved in the Mexican-American War, the Civil War, and the Reconstruction.

A biography of william faulkner
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